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We provide our customers with equipment, specialized technicians and products, a fast and efficient service in cleaning masked and encrypted banknotes in the following colors: Black, Green and Red.

Our mission is the complete satisfaction of our customers and for this we provide for any job a range of hyper professional and state-of-the-art services and materials; we dispose

– Specialized technicians

– Thermal cleaning machines for banknotes

– Machines for calorimetric heating of banknotes

-. Molecular preservative powder

– Efficient and Fast Universal Banknote Cleaner

Our main clients are:

– Banking institutions

– Humanitarian organizations

– The song

– Private and public administrations

– Financial organizations

– Individuals we work on a base percentage of 15% in order to provide you with all the material necessary for your work 100% guaranteed wathsapp address 00216 96199323/0033751413442/00237671455467
Adress Viber ; 00233560653162 ; 002347019287099

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